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Dear colleagues,

Do you want to ensure your research is widely visible in your field?

All articles published by BioPsychoSocial Medicine are listed in PsycINFO, immediately deposited in PubMed and PubMed Central and indexed in a wide range of other services. In addition, because the full text of all BioPsychoSocial Medicine's research articles are available without registration or subscription, search engines such as Google and Scirus also index them, greatly increasing their visibility.

Publish your next research article with BioPsychoSocial Medicine and benefit from high visibility and maximum exposure for your work. Submit your manuscript today.

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Annals of General Psychiatry
Dear colleagues,

Set your research free: publish in an open access journal.

All articles published by Annals of General Psychiatry, and the rest of the BioMed Central journal portfolio, are covered by an open access license agreement which means that anyone with internet access can read, download, redistribute and reuse published articles.

Publish your next article with Annals of General Psychiatry and set your research free. Your published article can then be posted on your personal or institutional homepage, e-mailed to friends and colleagues, printed, archived in a collection, distributed on CD-ROM, included in coursepacks, quot ... Читать дальше »

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 25 декабря (пятница) в  16-30, в 5 ауд. состоится отчёт аспирантов по индивидуальным планам работы и вводная лекция на тему "Общие установки в планировании и реализации научного исследования" (проф. А.Н. Алёхин).

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     Рады сообщить о завершении вступительных испытаний и набора в аспирантуру нашей Кафедры в этом учебном году!  Конкурс составил - 4 человека на место,  проходной балл - 14. По итогам зачисления для обучения в апирантуре принято 6 человек.
От всей души поздравляем новых аспирантов!
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